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15. Setting Up Eudora

How do I set up Eudora to use my POP accounts?

(1) Select Tools...Personalities.
(2) Right click the left-hand side of the screen. Select 'New'.
(3) The 'New Account Wizard' will appear. Type in a name for this account and select 'Next>'.
(4) Select 'Create a brand new email account' and select 'Next>'.
(5) Type in your actual name (not your email address) and select 'Next>'.
(6) Type in the email address you wish for people to send email to (this can be an alias or a true POP box). Select 'Next>'.
(7) Type in the true user for this POP box (this is NOT an alias). Select 'Next>'.
(8) Select 'POP' for type of incoming mail server. Then type in your domain name in 'Incoming Mail Server' field. Select 'Next>'.
(9) Select 'Finish'.
(10) Right-click on the new personality created, and select 'Modify'.
(11) In the 'SMTP Server' field, type the name of your local ISP's (such as AOL, Earthlink, AT&T) mail server. Select 'OK', and you are ready to go!
(Do NOT type in your own domain name. Your SMTP services are provided for by your local ISP. If they do not provide SMTP services, please contact us for other alternatives.)

Updated: January 4, 2001

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