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The Microsoft FrontPage web site creation and management tool

5. Getting started with FrontPage

Accessing your account via Front Page

The FrontPage extensions must be installed before you begin to work with Frontpage.

* You will be asked for a user name and password. The first time you use FP, you will need to enter the ftp/telnet user name and password. Later, you can change the FP password so that it is different from the ftp/telnet password. *

1. After booting Front Page, you will probably be presented the screen below. Click on "Open Existing FrontPage Web" , and then click on "More Webs..."

2. At "Select a Web server of disk location:" put in your domain name You do not need to put in the "www" before it.

3. Click on List Webs to show the FrontPage webs.

4. Choose the sub-web you wish to edit.

Publishing with FrontPage

When you upload a web to your server with the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard, your FTP Server is just your domain name. The directory path should be left blank.

Updated: January 4, 2001

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